7 Things To Get A Horse Girl For Christmas

Do you have that one person in your family that just can’t ever seem to get enough of horses? Well, with Christmas right around the corner, it might be kind of hard to come up with something to get for that person, especially if you aren’t really into horses yourself.

But have no fear, InsiderHorse is here! With these 10 great gift ideas for that crazy horse lover, you will be easily Christmas shopping for that person in no time!

10 Things To Get A Horse Girl For Christmas

Struggling to find that perfect gift? Maybe after looking through these ideas, you will have a better plan when it comes to Christmas shopping for that horse lover.

Idea #1: Boot Socks For Riding

I know for a fact that I love new pairs of boot socks. New boot socks really aren’t things that I would actually and go out to buy myself, but getting new pairs of them is always fun. I love the ones with the cool patterns, colors, and designs because it makes them more fun to wear.

There is a good chance that the horse owner or rider that you are shopping for wouldn’t think to go out and buy more boot socks, but they really would love them if you got some for them.

This 3 pack of horse-patterned socks from Wrangler is something I totally would want for myself just to add some extra fun to my riding apparel. Because of how much I would like to receive this gift, I am recommending this gift out to all you shoppers who can’t decide what to get that horse lover. I am positive that they would love to receive them as much as I would!

Idea #2: Horse Heart Necklace

I don’t know about you, but I love jewelry. I love jewelry whether it is rings, bracelets, or necklaces and because of this, I had to include some jewelry in this list.

I have a necklace that I wear all the time that has a similar heart design. I love this necklace because it is small and simple, yet it still captures the love for horses in a beautiful style and design.

This gift is great for adults and younger girls alike who like to wear jewelry. I know for a fact that I would like to receive this gift!

Idea #3: Saddle Pads

Some horseback riders ride in the English style of riding and some riders ride in the Western style of riding. Make sure you clarify what style of riding your horse girl rides in so you get her the right saddle pad!

I, along with most horse girls out there just can’t get enough saddle pads. It is just so fun to have saddle pads of all different colors, patterns, and designs and it just is so nice to have such a fun colorful selection of saddle pads to choose from.

Saddle pads are something that I ask for every year for Christmas and I probably will still continue to ask for more saddle pads as the years go on. I just love building my collection and having so many color options to choose from.

This is probably one of my favorite gift ideas for those horse owners just because it is almost a guarantee that they will love it.

My top English pad choice would be this saddle pad:

This English pad, by the WeatherBeeta brand, is a really well made pad that can come in a variety of colors which gives you many different options to ensure you buy the right pad.

My top western pad choice would be this saddle pad:

This Western pad, by the Weaver Leather brand, is a really well made pad that will fit most horses like a glove. This is my go-to Western saddle pad whenever I find myself tacking up western.

Definitely consider buying that crazy horse girl a saddle pad. She won’t ever be happier!

Idea #4: Riding Shirts

I don’t know about you guys out there, but riding in a shirt meant for riding in feels and looks so much better than if you just throw on any old T-shirt to do the job.

Finding riding shirts in a variety of colors and sizes can be kind of difficult and knowing what the person you are buying the shift for likes can be kind of tricky. But, if you know this person well and they like to ride in full riding apparel, buying them a shirt meant for riding in is a great idea!

The nice thing about these specific shirts is that:

  • They are made from a breathable material
  • They come in tons of different sizes so finding the right size is easy
  • They come in so many different colors so there are many options
  • The zipper closure on the front of the shirt makes adjusting the neck part of the shirt so much easier
  • The shirt is made from a sweat and moisture wicking material
  • They go great with breeches or jeans alike!

I am a huge fan of these shirts myself and recommend them for use as riding shirts no matter your riding discipline

Gift #5: Horse-Opoly

I am sure you are familiar with the fun family game known as Monopoly. Horse-Opoly is basically the same idea but with everything horse themed!

Rather than buying things like properties or railroads, you buy a variety of different horse breeds and gaits (like walk trot canter and gallop).

The different cards that you draw from the middle have horse-related tasks on them such as “pay $50 to the bank for farrier costs.”

Because I own this game, I know how much fun it is to play it, especially with other horse lovers. This game would be a fun gift to give to any horse lover regardless of age.

Idea #6: Horse Throw

I love horses, as you may have already guessed, so adding cute horse things to my room, bedding, decor, or other parts of my daily life is really a fun thing for me to do.

This is why I recommend getting that horse lover a blanket covered in horses! Not only is it adorable, but it can also make a good gift not just for horse owners, but also horse lovers of any age.

Some of the gifts that you might try to get for a horse lover are things that only horse owners would find useful. With this being said, I believe that getting a gift like this for a horse lover is great, especially for one who doesn’t have a horse of their own and wouldn’t really benefit form getting tack or riding apparel.

Idea #7: Horse Santa/Christmas Costume

Some people like to put little shirts on their dogs or other fun clothes or costumes on their pets, but who knew that you could do the same thing with horses? There are some super adorable horse holiday costumes that you can find to put your horse in that are simply adorable!

One complete costume set includes:

Horse Holiday Leg Wraps

The first part of this set on our list are some simple holiday horse leg wraps. Unlike most wraps, these leg wraps are used mainly for decoration and don’t really have a special purpose like supporting or protecting the horse’s legs.

These cute little leg wraps come in a set of four and display red and white colors just like Santa’s suit!

Jingle Bell Halter/Bridle Decor

This cute bridle/halter decor makes a great statement and really adds that fun, festive flare to your tack around the holidays. Giving this with the rest of the holiday set is sure to put a smile on that horse owner’s face when they imagine their horse wearing them.

Horse Holiday Quarter Sheet

Though many horses aren’t ridden with a quarter sheet, many horses who have been properly trained won’t mind wearing this lightweight quarter sheet one bit. This sheet not only will help to keep your horse warm when being ridden during the cold months of December, but it will also make your horse look more festive and holiday-ready with his Santa style quarter sheet.

One Ear Santa Hat

I actually have this part of the outfit for my horses. My horses, in the weeks leading up to Christmas, are made to wear this adorable one ear Santa hat just to make them look a little more holly and jolly when leading up towards the holidays.

This adorable holiday outfit is perfect for making your horses join in in the holiday fun!

I hope this list helps you to find and decide what you want to get that horse girl for Christmas!

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