About Us

InsiderHorse is a site that will teach its readers important horse knowledge and share my personal experiences with horses. Through blogging on this site, I will bring forth factual information on these beautiful animals and teach to anyone who is interested.

“I will always provide my audience with factual information and do my best to teach all those who are interested and wanting to learn about horses”

-Hailey Sipila

Our Purpose

I created this site as a space to share all that I know about horses. The goal is to put out everything I know and my journey as I learn more.

On this website, I will share facts and information on a number of topics. An example of this is horse colors such as the roan, the palomino, or even greys and what gives them their dapples.

Learning about basic tools to ensure a horse’s comfort is important too. I will share extensive information on fly masks, polo wraps, horse boots and more.

There are so many horse and pony breeds in the world so it is hard to keep track of them all! At InsiderHorse, we will cover unique horse and pony breeds, what the specific breed excels at, and what they are most commonly used for.

Basic information is important to learn, and this site will share this knowledge with you. Knowing things like how horses are measured, all the different parts of the horse, the signs of perfect health, and the signs of illness are all pieces of essential information to know.

InsiderHorse will cover things sometimes known as “stable vices.” This would include cribbing, pacing, pawing, and more.

I hope that my knowledge is valuable to my readers and can help people know more about and better care for horses.

Hailey’s Story

I have loved horses ever since I was a girl. Every time I would visit a book store, I would buy a horse encyclopedia. From the age of 8, I would study and read all about horses and soon had an extensive knowledge on the animal.

To this day I still read my horse encyclopedias.

I have many years of horse experience and have handled Arabians, Missouri Fox Trotters, Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, Saddlebreds, Haflingers, Welsh ponies, and others!

I want to bring my passion for horses and my years of experience to the public and create a space for horse lovers, advanced equestrians, little girls like I was, and beginners alike.