Equine Sports Medicine Boots: What Are They & Which Are The Best Ones To Buy

Medicine boots are a piece of horse equipment seen in all fields of the horse industry. Not only are these boots seen just about everywhere, but they also come in a ton of different varieties, brands, and designs. Knowing what these boots are, what their purpose is, and which ones will best fit your horse is crucial.

What Are Equine Sports Medicine Boots?

Equine sports medicine boots, also known as support boots, are a type of boot that fits on the horse’s leg. These boots protect the horse’s lower leg from knocking against things like jump poles, barrels, and the horse’s other legs. Not only this but the boot is designed to also support the horse’s ligaments and tendons of this part of their body. Putting these boots on your horse prevents them from suffering injuries like a torn suspensory ligament or a bowed tendon.

Are There Different Kinds?

For the most part, this is one style of horse boot and there are hundreds of other types and styles of boots to choose from.

With this being said, for the most part, there is just one general style of equine sports medicine boots.

What Are The Different Names For Equine Sports Medicine Boots?

These boots can go by a variety of different names. The most common names you will hear for these boots include:

  • Equine Sports Medicine boots
  • Equine Medicine Boots
  • Support Boots
  • Medicine Boots
  • Medicine Support Boots

What Colors Can These Boots Come In?

Honestly, I have seen these boots in literally every color under the sun. You not only can get colors, but you can also get a variety of patterns as well ranging from cheetah print to chevron.

Top Equine Sports Medicine Boots On The Market

The top equine sports medicine boots on the market include the following:

Boot 1: Professional Equine Sports Medicine Boots

These boots are a nice, cheaper choice of support boots on the market. The things that I like about these boots include:

  • They support the joints, tendons, ligaments, and bone of this part of the horse’s leg while also absorbing some of the shock the horse recieves from the concussion of their hooves on the ground.
  • Design prevents overextention of the tendons and fetlock joint
  • Suspensory strap featuered on the boot flexes with the movement of the horse so the horse has full use of the ankle
  • Design prevents dirt from getting underneath the boot
  • Velcro straps stretch to create a snugger fit on the leg

I recommend these boots to anyone looking for a more affordable set of boots for jumping, barrel racing, pole bending, reining, or any other equine discipline.

Boot 2: Professional’s Choice Equine Sports Medicine Boot

This boot is actually the leading seller of equine sports medicine boots in the entire world. Their products can be seen in nearly any store where equine boots are sold and are in high demand in the barrel racing, roping, rodeo, and even jumping industries.

My favorite things about these boots include:

  • The easy way to fasten them
  • The clean appearance
  • These boots are the same thickness throughout and are consistent in support over the entire area they protect
  • They’re lightweight and breathable
  • Ultrashock lining absorbs shock a horse’s legs might endure when working
  • Design eliminates the possibility of the hyperextension of the fetlock
  • Supports the tendons, cannon bone, and ligaments of the lower leg

Boot 3: Iconoclast Equine Orthopedic Support Boots

These boots not only are affordable, but they work really well too! They support the horse’s lower leg and joints in all the right places and give the support that the leg needs during strenuous exercise.

The best things this boot offers include:

  • Great apperance
  • Affordable price
  • easy to fasten
  • Support of the loer leg and joints
  • Design that prevents overextension of the fetlock
  • Reduces joint restrictyion
  • Offers support to the joints, bones, tendons, and ligaments of this region

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