What Is A Welsh Pony? Facts You Should Know About This Pony Breed

The Welsh Pony is a breed seen all over the world as driving, riding, and companion animals. But what can these ponies do? What colors can they come in? And where did they come from?

What Is the Welsh Pony?

The Welsh Pony is a very well-known and popular pony breed that originated in the country of Wales. This pony is common all around the world, especially on the continent of North America where they are used mainly as riding ponies for children. The Welsh Pony, unlike most breeds, comes in 4 different types. The Welsh pony is a breed of pony that is average in size and can come in basically any solid color but can’t carry a pattern. These ponies are known for their natural jumping ability and overall versatility. They make great companions and can make a great addition to your herd.

Are There Different Types Of Welsh Ponies?

Yes! Like I said above and as I will continue to mention all throughout this article is the fact that there are four types of Welsh Ponies all of which are unique and different. The four types include:

Type A: Welsh Mountain Pony

The first type of Welsh Pony is known as the Welsh Mountain Pony. This pony is the oldest type of Welsh Pony alive today.

Type B: Welsh Pony

The second type of Welsh Pony is the most popular type of Welsh Pony seeing that it is the lightest and most agile.

Type C: Welsh Pony Of Cob Type

The third type of Welsh Pony is a heavier version of this breed but still small in size like types A and B

Type D: Welsh Cob

The fourth type of Welsh Pony is the largest and heaviest version of this breed. Welsh Cobs are even large enough to carry adult riders!

How Big Are Welsh Ponies?

Because there are four different types of Welsh ponies, it is hard to give an average regarding how big each one of them will be.

The first type of Welsh Pony, known as the Welsh Mountain Pony or Welsh Pony Type A. The Welsh Mountain Pony:

  • Is extremely small and should not exceed 12 hands high
  • Weighs in at just 500 pounds (225 Kilograms)

The second type of Welsh Pony is just known as the Welsh Pony or Welsh Pony Type B. The Welsh Pony:

  • Is slightly bigger than the Type A pony and stands at just 13 hands high on average
  • Weighs around the same as the Type A Welsh Pony at around 500 to 550 pounds (225 to 250 Kilograms)

The third type of Welsh Pony is known as the Welsh Pony Of Cob Type or Welsh Pony Type C. The Welsh Pony Type C:

  • Is even taller than the Type B Welsh Pony as it stands around 13.2 hands high on average
  • Is built heavier and stands taller than the other types of Welsh Ponies which is why they weigh between 550 and 600 pounds (250 to 275 Kilograms)

The final type of Welsh Pony, also known as the Welsh Cob or Welsh Pony Type 4 is the largest member of the Welsh Pony family. This pony:

  • Stands between 13.2 and 14.2 hands high on average
  • Weighs between 600 and 700 pounds (275 to 315 Kilograms)

What Colors Can Welsh Ponies Come In?

Welsh Ponies, like many other breeds, can come in just solid colors. Though some breeds only can be the four base colors seen in horses, Welsh Ponies can be an assortment of solid colors including:

  • Chestnut (can be flaxen chestnut, liver chestnut, sorrel, and light chestnut)
  • Bay (can be dark bay, black bay, light bay, or blood bay)
  • Black
  • Gray (can be white/gray, flea bitten gray, or dappled gray)
  • Red Roan
  • Blue Roan
  • Bay Roan
  • Strawberry Roan
  • Palomino Roan
  • Buckskin Roan
  • Palomino
  • Buckskin
  • Smokey Black
  • Smokey Creme
  • Cremello
  • Perlino

Though these ponies can be any of these colors, they can’t have patterned or spotted coats.

The History Of The Welsh Pony Breed

The Welsh Pony is an ancient breed of pony that can be traced back for 10,000 years all the way to the times where the Celtic Ponies roamed across Europe.

It is believed that the original breeding stock for the Welsh Pony was brought over to Wales as early as 50 BC! Julius Caesar himself founded a stud in Merionethshire where the original breeding stock for these ponies was held and the breeding of these ponies began. It is thought that it was Julius Caesar himself who began introducing Arabian bloodlines into the early Welsh Ponies.

Breeding and improving of these ponies continues for centuries and the pony grew in popularity. The first mention of this breed was in the year 930 AD in the laws of Hywel Dda.

Throughout the centuries of breeding these ponies, a variety of bloodlines and breeds were mixed in. It was decided by the Welsh Pony & Cob Society in the 1900s that there are four distinct types of Welsh Ponies which is why there are so many to this day.

Is The Welsh Pony Good For Children To Ride?

The Welsh Pony is a breed that makes a great child’s riding pony. This is because not only are many gentle in temperament, but they are also a good size for children seeing that they are pretty small in size overall.

What Does the Welsh Pony Excel In?

The Welsh Pony does really well in a variety of things. Some of these things include:


The Welsh Pony has an outstanding natural jumping ability. This is why they are so popular in show jumping. Many youth show jumpers will use welsh ponies in show jumping classes and competitions because they are so good at it.


Some kids who partake in dressage and learn to compete in dressage right off the bat may use a welsh pony as their first dressage horse because with proper training these ponies can display the obedience necessary to win.

Cross Country

One of my friends owns a Welsh Pony who she leases out to an eventing barn. The little girl who rides him has recently been riding him through smaller cross country courses and they do great!


Like I said above because these ponies have a great jumping ability and can succeed in all the disciplines that make up eventing there is no reason why they couldn’t do great and succeed in eventing. My friend’s Welsh Pony isn’t the only pony of this breed that does eventing.

General Riding

One of the most common uses for these ponies is actually general riding done primarily by children. These ponies make great companion animals and there is a reason why they are so popular for general riding ponies.

How Long Do Welsh Ponies Live?

Like many other pony breeds, the Welsh Pony has a long life expectancy. On average, these ponies will live for around 35 years!

That is almost 10 years longer than the lifespan of an average horse!

Fun Facts On the Welsh Pony

  • There are four different types of Welsh Ponies
  • Arabian blood was added to improve the looks of the Welsh Pony
  • These ponies are often seen pulling or driving carts and carriages.
  • Black and gray are the most common colors seen in this breed

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