Top Weight Gain Supplements For Underweight & Senior Horses

You just rescued a horse from a neglect situation, or your horse is mysteriously losing weight. What should you do to help bring them back to a healthy weight again? There are many things that you should do to help bring your horse back to a good healthy weight including feeding them more, exercising them, allowing them to graze, and giving them a weight gain supplement. There are many different weight gain supplements for sale. These are the best weight-gain supplements for sale and why they are so good.

Supplement 1: Manna-Pro Weight Accelerator For Senior Horses

The whole reason I even wanted to talk about weight gain supplements for horses was because of this product. My Arabians both went through a weight loss phase where the people feeding them weren’t giving them enough food. I noticed that my horses began to lose a lot of weight, their bones began to show through their skin, and they just didn’t have enough energy anymore.

I began to go to the barn in the mornings and I would feed them breakfast myself to ensure they got enough. Because my horses had lost so much weight, I was worried about their health and I wanted a way to bring their condition back.

I found this supplement at my local Tractor Supply store and decided to put it to the test on my horses. Amazingly, this supplement, paired with beet pulp, grain, and hay, helped to bring my horse’s weight back up in just the span of 6 weeks. Not only did this weight supplement bring my horse’s weight back, but it also helped to give them more energy and make them look and feel so much healthier than they did a few weeks before.

The things in this product that make it work so well are:

  • High fat content
  • Omegan 3 Fatty Acids
  • Easy to mix into other grains
  • Flaxseed benefits the horse’s coat
  • Probiotics to aid digestion

I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a weight gain supplement to help their horse gain weight.

Supplement 2: Farnam Weight Builder

The Farnam Weight Builder is a supplement that I have heard a lot of great things about. Not only can you literally buy it anywhere horse supplements are sold, but it is really easy to feed your horse. The awesome things about this supplement include:

  • The fact that this grain is designed to not upset the horse’s stomache
  • Made with 50% fat content to promote optimal weight gain
  • No sugar is added to this supplement so it is great for horses with dietary restrictions, insulin resistance, and metabolic issues
  • Flaxseed in the grain promotes a shiny coat and healthy skin
  • Contains Omega-3 Fatty acids
  • Intended not just for under weight horses, but also for senior horses, performance horses, and any other mature horses

I would consider this supplement for any horse that needs a boost in their weight but has a restricted diet for health reasons. This supplement is great for sensitive horses who need a little bit more added to their feeding regimen.

Supplement 3: Horse Guard Super Weight Gain

This supplement is great when it comes to increasing the weight of underweight horses. This is because it boosts their weight and conditions the healthy way with fats and proteins rather than just a bunch of sugars and starch. Because of this, the horse gains not just more fat, but muscle as well.

I recommend this supplement because:

  • It is full of protein which really benefits horses who are underweight
  • It is designed not only to help underweight hores but also for use on performance horses, stallions, senior horess, and other mature horses
  • Made with soybeans to benefit the coat, help the horse gain weight, and boost the horse’s energy
  • Probiotics and prebiotics to aid digestion and promote good gut health
  • It is recommended to clients by veterinarians
  • High vitamin E content

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