4 Treats You Can Give To Your Overweight Horse

Even though your horse may be a little bit too chunky for his own good, sometimes it can be a little too hard to resist giving him a treat. Are there treats out there that you can give to an overweight horse without worrying if it is just going to worsen their condition? Actually yes, there is! These are the 5 different treats that you can give to your Chunky-Money without feeling guilty about it later.

Treat #1: Purina Carb-Consious Horse Treats

Purina is known to have a big variety of horse treats for sale, but these are some that are perfectly fine to give your overweight horse.

These treats are great for spoiling your chubby pony. Why? Because they were specifically intended for horses with a weight issue! Researchers at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center came up with a recipe that tastes great to horses but doesn’t negatively affect horses who are struggling with sugar intake. These treats have some great nutritional qualities like:

  • Low Sugar Levels
  • Low Starch Levels
  • Just 4% of the daily sugar level (your horse would need to eat almost 175 of these treats to reach the same level of sugar content of that one apple!)

These treats not only are low in sugar and starch, but they also support the horse’s insulin levels and support the glucose and insulin responses that horses have when feeding.

Because of the high star reviews and the fact that these treats were made specifically for horses with metabolic issues, I recommend these treats to any horse owner.

Treat #2: Nutrigood Low Sugar Snax

These treats, as it says in the name, are a low sugar snack great for overweight horses or those suffering from any sort of metabolic issue.

The company that makes this treat is called Manna-Pro and they create all sorts of wonderful products that I use on my horses all the time. This is why I trust these treats so much!

Some of my favorite things about these treats include:

  • The fact that no sugar or molasses were added into these treats
  • The starch levels of these treats are low
  • The ingredient list is SHORT and all of the ingredients are things you can actually pronounce
  • These treats have a 6.5% daily sugar intake per serving (all sugars in these treats are completely natural)
  • These treats have 80% less sugar and starch than that of the leading treat brand right now

Because I have given these treats to my horses and used other products made by this company, I recommend these treats 100%.

Treat #3: Little Horse Bakery Flax Snackers

These treats are excellent for horses. Not only are they low in both sugar and starch, but the flax seeds in the treat promote good skin, coat, and mane and tail health.

The great things about these flax treats include:

  • High levels of protein, fiber, and fat (all above 20%)
  • Minimal starch levels (0.1%)
  • Ingredients that you know and can pronounce
  • No added sugars or molasses
  • Created especially for horses with Cushing’s diease, obesity, Metabolic issues, Insulin resistance, PSSM, and Equine Metabolic Syndrome
  • Made with human-grade ingredients
  • Hand made
  • Great taste that horses love!

These treats not only have all the great ingredients that promote overall health in horses but they also are specially intended for horses with weight or sugar issues too!

Treat #4: Withers & Withers Low Sugar Nutra-Treats

These horse treats are a great thing to give a horse who is a little on the chubby side. Why? Because these treats, like the others I mentioned above, were designed especially for horses who are overweight and need a little less sugar in their diets.

The pros of this horse treat include:

  • All natural ingredients that you can pronounce
  • Made by equine nutritionists and veterinarians
  • Enjoyed even by picky eaters
  • Includes prebiotics, superfoods, and antioxidants
  • Is made with NO preservatives

Give this treat a try, I am sure that your horse will love them! Not only are they healthy for your horse, but they also have a unique flavor that most horses will become addicted to.

Giving treats to your horse is a fun thing to do whether you are rewarding them or just spoiling them. Making sure that the ingredients are healthy is an important part of that which is why all of these treats are things that I recommend!

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Hailey Sipila

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