Top 5 Snaffle Bits On The Market & Why They Are So Popular

The snaffle bit is an extremely popular bit that is seen in both English and Western riding all over the world. The snaffle is a bit that is gentle on the horse’s mouth but also works off of direct contact with the horse’s mouth and tongue. These bits are actually some of the first that the horse will ever have in its mouth just because of how simple they are.

What Are The 5 Most Popular Snaffle Bits On The Market?

There are so many different snaffle bits for sale all over, but there are some that rank as more popular than others. The 5 most popular snaffle bits for sale right now include the twisted wire snaffle, the O-ring snaffle, the D-ring snaffle, the Eggbutt snaffle, and the double-jointed snaffle.

Twisted Wire Snaffle Bit

This snaffle bit is actually the same bit that I use on my lesson horse Cisco. A twisted wire snaffle bit is basically a standard single-jointed snaffle bit, just with a twisted wire for the mouthpiece rather than a smooth one.

The reason this bit made it to the top 5 popular list is the fact that this bit is a perfect in-between bit for some horses. Some horses, like my horse Cisco, require a little more power than a standard smooth snaffle can offer but need a less harsh bit than a curb. The twisted wire snaffle has multiple ridges caused by the twists in the wire which makes it a bit rougher to the mouth than a smooth bit would be.

When buying this type of snaffle, you have a few things to choose from when it comes to harshness of the bot, styles, and other factors. You can choose between:

  • O-Ring Styles
  • D-Ring Styles
  • Eggbutt Styles
  • Thin Wire Styles
  • Thick Wire Styles

O-Ring Snaffle Bit

The O-Ring snaffle is probably the most common snaffle bit sold anywhere in the world. O-ring snaffles can range in styles and types. When it comes to the mouthpiece, but the outside will always be the same with 2 O-shaped rings. This is why these snaffle bits are known as O-ring snaffles.

O-Ring Snaffle bits can have any variety of mouthpieces, but the O-shaped rings on the outside of the mouthpiece will always remain an O-shape in order to consider a bit an O-ring. The reason this bit is so popular is that it is a really simple bit with a simple design that can be found almost anywhere.

D-Ring Snaffle Bit

Just like the O-ring snaffle, the D-ring snaffle is named after the shape of the sides of the bit that fall on either side of the mouthpiece.

Like the O-ring snaffle, the D-ring snaffle has a variety of different styles. mouthpices, and designs. So long as the outer rings are D-shaped. The name of this bit came from the shape of the rings on either side of the horse’s mouth. Most D-ring snaffle bits have a joint or hinge that is so secure so it doesn’t cause any pinching on the horse’s cheeks or mouth. This is part of what makes this style really popular.

Eggbutt Snaffle Bit

Like the last two bits I mentioned, the eggbutt snaffle also will have a variety of different mouth pieces. The way that this bit works is similar to other snaffle bits, but the rings that the bridle and reins attach to are different.

The nice thing aboiut the eggbutt snaffle is that pretty much all of the snaffle bits of this style have a fixed twisting hinge that is tight enough to where it will not pinch the horse’s mouth or cheeks. People like to use this style of bit on their horse as it looks similar to that of other snaffle bits, but the hinges are designed so no mouth pinching occurs.

Double-Jointed Snaffle Bit

Double jointed snaffle bits, also known as french link snaffle bits, can be basically any style of snaffle bit but with a double jointed mouthpiece. Usually these bits will have a smooth mouthpiece, but some are of the twisted wire style.

Sometimes, the middle part of the mouthpiece that is attached to the bit between the two joints, is made out of a metal called sweet iron. This metal encourages the horse to salivate more thus making the bit more comfrotable in their mouth.

The reason the double-jointed or french link snaffle is so popular is that the extra joint allows for more tongue release and less pressure when riding the horse. This bit is even more gentle than the standard snaffle so it is great on soft horses who don’t require much pressure.

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