10 Best Colors To Put On Your Gray Horse

Grey horses, whether they are dappled, flea-bitten, or completely white, are absolutely beautiful animals. Because these horses are primarily white or gray, there are so many colors that look great on these horses. In my opinion, there are 10 different colors that these horses can wear that they pull off so well every time they wear it.

The 10 best colors to put on a grey horse are black, pale pink, royal blue, dusty blue, dark teal, red, tan/light brown, hunter green, purple, and turquoise.


Grey horses look stunning in black. Though it is a pretty basic color that doesn’t really stand out on most horses, greys pull it off so so well.

Because greys are lighter-colored horses, the black really stands out against their light coat. Not only does the black pop, but there is something even better about putting this color on your grey. As all of you grey horse owners may know, it is really hard to keep grey horses clean, especially if your horse has completely greyed out. Black on grey horses makes them look brighter and cleaner! This is because the black contrasts with the horse’s light coat color and it makes them look even whiter than they are.

This means that even if your horse went and rolled in his poo and it created a green stain, the stain in his coat won’t look as bad as it really is when riding with black tack or a black saddle pad.

Pale Pink

Pale pink looks AMAZING on grey horses. Especially dapple grey horses. This color is great on dappled grey horses because the pink stands out against the dark parts of the horse’s coat, but it also contrasts the white of the horse’s coat enough to make the white parts look brighter.

I love this color because it is really unique and it isn’t really seen in tack too often.

Royal Blue

Royal blue is a really rich, vibrant color. Against the light background of a grey’s coat, this color pops and stands out really well.

This color is such a fun color to put on your horse because it catches the eye and looks amazing on any grey horse who wears it.

I recommend using a royal blue saddle pad and pair it with royal blue boots or leg wraps to give your horse a complete matchy look.

Dusty Blue

This color is so so pretty. I love it by itself, but in tack, I like it even more. I have seen this dusty pale grey-blue color in a matching dressage set and it looked stunning on the dapple grey who was modeling the set.

My favorite way to put this color on your horse is to have a dusty blue saddle pad, matching polo wraps or boots, and a fly bonnet of the same color. I like it, even more, when the rider is wearing a shirt or clothes of the same color as their horse’s tack because they all go together so well!

I like this color on Western tack as well. Seeing a flashy barrel racing breast collar in this color is always eye-catching to see at a rodeo event.

Dark Teal

Dark teal is one of my favorite colors. The reason is that it is just so rich and vibrant that against the background of a white coat it looks even deeper.

Because dark teal is a darker color like black, it has the same lightening effect on the coat that black has. The dark saddle pad and tack will make the white of the horse’s coat pop which helps to make the horse’s coat stand out and appear brighter.


Red goes really well with white. It doesn’t matter if the shade of red is a burgundy or if it is bright, red almost always looks good on grey horses.

When using bright red tack, the horse looks smart and attractive as the red matches their coat color really nicely.

I like to see horses in a fully red tack set. Having matching equipment makes the horse look really attractive and smart. Red is a really vibrant color that seems to look the best on either grey or black horses. This is because the other coat colors contain too much of a red undertone and red clashes with that color. Taking advantage of being able to use red on your horse can be fun as this color would probably look the best on your grey than it would on another rider’s chestnut.

Tan/Light Brown

There are select few horses that look good in tan or light brown. It’s really hard to find a horse that can pull off this color, but if you have a grey, you are in luck.

I think that the grey horses that pull off this color the best are those who are completely white and have greyed out all over their entire bodies. The nice thing about this color is that not only can you find this color in boots, fly bonnets, and saddle pads, but you can also find it in bridles, reins, saddles, and girths. This means that you have so many more options for tack to put on your horse in this color.

This color really only is pulled off well by black or grey horses. This color of tack is also pretty uncommon. With that in mind, choosing this color the next time you ride can really make your horse stand out as no one else is rocking the same colors as you are.

Hunter Green

This is another one of those dark colors that brings out the bright white in the horse’s coat. Like the other dark colors I talked about, this color gives the horse a regal and professional appearance while also making its coat look brighter and more white.

I don’t see very many horses rocking a hunter green saddle pad, so to ride in one on a horse that it matches could really look nice.


Purple is a really fun color that you can use in both Western and English riding and it will look really nice either way.

No matter what shade of purple you use on your gray, the white backdrop of their coat makes the purple stand out automatically. Purple is a color of royalty and in this color, your grey horse, especially if it is a dapple grey, will appear even more royal than it would in duller colors.

Putting your grey horse in bright vibrant colors such as purple can really make them look amazing.


I don’t often see turquoise horse tack, but when I do, it is a color most likely found in western tack. Turquoise is a bright beautiful color that can be seen on barrel racers, general riders, and other horses and riders in other disciplines.

In English tack, I usually like to go with the matching sets and colors because of how good they look. This is one of those colors that, like pale pink, is dark enough to bring out the horse’s white coat color, but light enough to stand out brightly on a darker dappled grey horse.

I hope this guide will help you with coming up with your next saddle pad or halter color or give you some ideas for new tack you are thinking of purchasing.

Hailey Sipila

Horses have been my passion ever since I can remember. At school, I was known as that weird horse girl, and I would read horse encyclopedias for fun. Over the years since those days, I have only learned more. My experiences with horses of a variety of breeds have taught me a lot. Now I want to share what I know with you!

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