10 Best Pairs Of Boot Socks On The Market

I love wearing fun crazy socks underneath my boots. There are so many fun patterns and colors that you can get for boot socks that choosing a pattern is really hard. I personally love the fun colored socks that have a funny design on them. One of my favorite pairs of boot socks has tacos and chili peppers wearing Santa hats on them!

In this guide, I will cover:

  • What are boot socks
  • Why you should wear boot socks rather than normal socks when riding
  • Best pairs of boot socks for sale today

First Of All, What The Heck Are Boot Socks Anyway?

Boot socks, also called riding socks, are a type of sock intended to be ridden with underneath a pair of boots. These socks generally come in all sorts of fun colors, sizes, and patterns. The point of these socks is to help keep your leg and foot dry and wick away any moisture or sweat on your feet preventing athletes foot and other infections. Wearing these tall socks also helps to prevent yourself getting blisters from your boots on your ankles and heels.

Why Should I Wear Boot Socks Rather Than Normal Socks When Riding?

There are a few reasons why you should wear boot socks when you are riding. These reasons include:

  • Wearing socks helps to wick away any sweat and moisture in your boots which helps to reduce the chances of getting a fungal or bacterial infection on your feet like athletes foot
  • Wearing boot socks under your boots and over your lower leg adds an extra layer of protection from blisters or sores that may be caused from your boots rubbing against exposed skin
  • When riding in just paddock boots, tall boot socks help to reduce pinching or rubbing agains the side of your leg.

Best Boot Socks To Buy:

There are so many different boot socks out there to buy will different colors, patterns, and designs.

I swear, after you read this guide, there will be no way that you haven’t been able to find a quality pair of boot socks to ride in.

These are the 10 best pairs of boot socks for sale:

Sock #10: Ladies Wrangler Horse Patterned Boot Socks

These socks are such a fun pattern that I would buy them in a heartbeat. I love their different colors and the horses scattered over the socks are adorable

Not only are these socks super affordable, but they can be used for both English and Western riding, and they come in a pack of 3!

Give a pair to 2 of your friends and now you all have matching socks for riding!

Sock #9: Tuffrider Impulsion Knee Hi Socks

These socks are so fun! Not only are they knee-high to fit perfectly under a pair of tall boots, but they also have some other great traits.

These socks are:

  • Padded at the foot for maximum comfort
  • Extra stretchy
  • Moisture wicking
  • Comfortable

These socks are a great choice for boot socks not only because of their nice attractive appearance, but also because they do exactly what they are supposed to do.

Sock #8: Wrangler Rayon Horse Shoe Boot Sock

Another Wrangler sock makes my list! These socks are such a fun color and, like the other pair of wrangler socks I have listed above, these socks come in a fun color with adorable little horse shoes scattered over the sock.

These socks are:

  • Made partly from spandex to offer extra stretch
  • Made from a soft material
  • Able to be used for both English and Western Riding
  • Comfortable
  • Cute!

These socks would make a great addition to your boot sock collection!

Sock #7: Women’s Wrangler Zebra Print Boot Socks

I love these socks! Not only is the pattern adorable, but there are so many different colors to choose from!

These socks would make a great addition to your sock collection because:

  • They are cute
  • They can be used for both English and Western Riding
  • They are extremely soft and comfortable thanks to the rayon knitted into the fabric
  • They are made in the United States (quality guaranteed)
  • Their top helps to keep the socks up and prevent them slipping down

Sock #6: Compression Knee High Patterned Socks

Talk about fun patterns!

These knee high socks, though not specifically intended for riding, are still a good option to use when it comes to boot socks.

These socks are specifically designed and intended for sports so they are made from a moisture wicking material to help with sweat and other moisture on the feet.

I love all the patterns that these socks come in. Because they are knee high they fit great under tall English boots and work well at shielding the leg if you ride in just a paddock boot.

The great things these socks have to offer include:

  • Blister-preventing material and design
  • Moisture wicking fabric
  • Leg compression and support
  • A eye catching look

Sock #5: Taco-saurus Knee High Socks

Do you love tacos? Then these are the socks for you!

These socks have such a funny design. Who would’ve thought to turn a taco into a dinosaur?

I like these socks because of how cool the pattern is. If you walk into the barn with these sock on, you are bound to get some compliments.

These socks are great for a few reasons:

  • The pattern is so funny
  • These socks are super soft
  • They are made with 50% cotton so they are a great sock for winter riding as it’ll keep your feet and legs nice and warm

Sock #4: Banana Socks

These socks, like the Wrangler socks, are on the shorter length scale when it comes to boot socks (ideal for Western riding, but still work well for English riding)

I like these socks not only because they work well with both English and Western boots, but also because the pattern on them is hilarious! (did I mention that I love the funny patterns?)

These socks are a great addition to your riding sock collection for a few reasons:

  • They work well with tall boots, western boots, and paddock boots alike
  • They are made from 80% cotton meaning they are a great sock for winter riding to help keep your toes warm
  • They have super high reviews on Amazon
  • The pattern on these socks is to die for
  • They make a great funny gift for any horseback rider!

Sock #3: Fire Crew Length Padded Socks

Though these socks aren’t specifically intended for horseback riding, I included them in this list for a few reasons:

  • The moisture wicking material keeps your feet clean and dry
  • The arch support and padding helps support the feet
  • The achilles padding at the back of the ankle helps with preventing blisters
  • Anti-slip design so your socks aren’t falling down as you ride!
  • Thick socks make for a great option for winter riding

These socks don’t just look cool, but they also help with minimizing painful blisters caused from riding without the proper attire.

Sock #2: Knee High Horse Patterned Socks

Back again with the horse patterns!

I really like these socks. The price is super affordable for the amount of socks that you get, and the socks come in a variety of colors which gives you so many to choose from!

These socks are a great option for a few reasons:

  • They are knee high which means they offer protection and support all the way up your leg
  • This sock is made mostly from polyester which helps with wicking sweat and moisture away from your feet and lower legs
  • They are super cute
  • These socks have great ratings on Amazon

This is a set of socks that I personally would consider buying because you get so many for the price that you pay, and these socks make a great option for boot socks when the name brand options get too expensive.

Sock #1: C4 Equestrian High Performance Riding Sock

I am in love with these socks.

The design, the leg support, and the good reputation that these socks have and offer doesn’t compare with anywhere else. That is why I chose these socks to be listed at #1.

These boot socks come in many different designs and colors. My favorite thing about these socks though is the friendly reminder at the back telling you to keep your heels down when riding.

These socks are a good option to buy because:

  • They are made by riders specifically for riders so the design is intended specifically for horseback riding
  • No-slip design keeps your socks up during the whole ride
  • Arch support helps support the foot no matter what you are doing on the horse
  • Seamless toe keeps those irritating seams from rubbing or digging into the front of your feet when riding
  • The reviews and ratings on this product are outstanding!

Are you ready to purchase some boot socks? Now, you should have no trouble finding a good pair! Happy shopping 🙂

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